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Silicone Breast Prosthesis

What is a Silicone Breast Prosthesis?

Silicone breast implants are added internally to the breasts of patients who want to have them enlarged or to correct cosmetic imperfections. With the advancement of technology and studies in the creation of these prostheses, we have high quality materials without any risks for health, since the internal content of the silicone is protected by several layers of coating. This keeps the silicone gel cohesive and safe so that, even in the case of a puncture or breakage accident, the contents will not leak out.

There are several models and sizes of prostheses. The specialist surgeon will help the patient to make the best choice, always considering patient’s desires, body, and health.

Who is a good candidate for breast implant surgery?

There are certain types of cosmetic surgery that use silicone prostheses for the breasts, but all of them follow the indication that female patients should only consider a procedure with silicone four years after their first menstruation. This is required in order to respect the entire natural corporal growth process and ensure that full development has been achieved.


The high demand for silicone implants is focused on breast augmentation for aesthetic purposes. However, there are other essential and recurring reasons for this choice, such as:

– Patients who survived breast cancer and lost one of their breasts;

– Patients who lost a lot of weight and the breasts ended up with a lot of flabby and sagging skin;

– Patients who breastfed their children and the breasts are now sagging.


In such cases, the medical appointment is the ideal moment for the patient and the doctor to analyze the best type of surgery and breast implants to be used.

What types of surgery use silicone breast prostheses?

As mentioned above, there are aesthetic procedures done using silicone prostheses. Let’s get to know some of them:


– Reduction Mammoplasty or Breast Reduction;


– Augmentation Mammoplasty or Breast Augmentation;


– Mastopexy;


– Breast Lifting.

What are the types and sizes of silicone implants?

Usually, women’s greatest desire in breast plastic surgery is for a greater volume in the breasts. Still, the physical characteristics of each patient must be respected, such as age, height and chest dimensions. The ideal size is the one that brings harmony to your body.



These are usually chosen by women who do not want to increase the volume of the breasts by much; all they want is to fill up the breasts.



Widely used by patients who usually undergo other surgeries such as a bariatric procedure and those who had medium-sized breasts, but these have become flabby.



This is considered the most popular prosthesis; it is a rather large prosthesis. It is used in young patients and women who want to have more pronounced breasts and an increased upper pole.



This is a very large prosthesis, not a usual size. The surgeon normally guides the patient skillfully, especially when the breasts are flaccid, since there is a rather high probability that the breasts will drop.


The available shapes and sizes of silicone implants vary depending on the result desired by the patient: discreet, natural or more attractive. The plastic surgeon will evaluate which of these silicone shapes and sizes best matches your body.

Current types of silicone implants allow patients to have their breasts enlarged, reduced, lifted and reshaped.



Conical prosthesis,

Round prosthesis,

Anatomical prosthesis,

Anatomical prosthesis with a distended upper pole,

Oval prosthesis.


Smooth prosthesis,

Textured Prosthesis,

Polyurethane prosthesis.

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