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Discover the best hospitals in Latin America

Medical Travel Brazil is a company specialized in medical tourism based in São Paulo. Its aims to provide comfort, safety, a warm support and high quality medical care to patients who place their trust in the institution.

This unit came to the country with the purpose of creating a bridge between Brazil and other parts of the world in the area of medical services. The company has experienced, trained professionals to monitor all the stages of medical trips, focusing on the tranquility and comfort of each patient during their life-changing journey.

The team consists of concierges fluent in both English and Portuguese, as well as years of experience in patient care.

Known for its diversity in business, gastronomic and cultural tourism, the city of São Paulo is considered one of the main hubs that drive the economy in Latin America. With public financial prowess and presence of the large international groups, the city is also known for its medical tourism focused on quality, technology and innovation, as reported by America Economia Intelligence, which listed ten hospitals in the city on its ranking of the best hospitals in Latin America.

Thus, Medical Travel Brazil, seeking the best for its customers, selected a list of hospitals with International and National accreditation so that you may choose the place and the type of procedure you want to have performed with the most synergy. 

See the Hospital Accreditation categories, below.

  • Joint Commission International (JCI)

Hospital accreditation certifies that a given institution effectively complies with strict patient safety protocols. Created in 1994 in the United States, the Joint Commission International (JCI) is a non-governmental organization that accredits hospitals regarding respect, quality and care for the rights of patients and their families. With strict rules focused on safety, JCI protocols involve the management of drugs in general, the team’s capacity and the management of hospital information.

JCI operates in more than 100 countries, promoting rigorous standards of care to ensure that hospitals achieve levels of excellence in their performance. Receiving a Joint Commission accreditation represents maximum excellence in patient care, following all safety and medical quality protocols.

The hospitals below have this accreditation:

Hospital Albert Einstein
Hospital Oswaldo Cruz
Hospital São Luiz
Hospital Sírio-Libanês


  • Organização Nacional de Acreditação (ONA)

The Organização Nacional de Acreditação (National Accreditation Organization – ONA) has been working for about 22 years to help Brazilian hospitals evolve by establishing levels of accreditation in order to institute quality and safety standards that lead to improved patient care. This organization evaluates improvements in the management and processes of healthcare organizations.

With strict criteria and processes and by following International protocols, the National accreditation is responsible for the quality and recognition of medical and hospital services in the city of São Paulo.

With a certificate valid for three years, the ONA protocols for excellence accreditation include:

  • Meet or exceed, by 90% or more, quality and safety standards;


  • Meet or exceed, by 80% or more, the integrated management standards;


  • Meet or exceed, by 70% or more, the ONA standards of Excellence in Management, demonstrating an organizational culture of continuous improvement with institutional maturity.


Discover the Hospitals with this Accreditation:

ONA – Excellence Accreditation

Hospital A.C. Camargo
Hospital Bosque da Saúde
Hospital BP
Hospital da Luz
Hospital Dom Alvarenga
Hospital Edmundo Vasconcelos
Hospital Euryclides de Jesus Zerbini
Hospital Nipo-Brasileiro
Hospital São Lucas
Hospital São Luiz Jabaquara
Hospital Sepaco
Next Hospital Butantã
Notre Dame Intermédica Saúde S.A
Villa Lobos

ONA – Full Accreditation

To acquire full-level accreditation, valid for two years, the institution must meet two criteria:

  • 1) Meet or exceed, by 80% or more, quality and safety standards


  • 2) Meet or exceed, by 70% or more, the ONA standards of integrated management, with processes running smoothly and full communication among activities.


Discover the Hospitals with this Accreditation:

Family Hospital
Hospital Adventista de São Paulo
Hospital Albert Sabin
Hospital Aviccena
Hospital e Maternidade Guarulhos
Hospital IGESP
Hospital Santa Cruz
Hospital Santa Isabel
Hospital Geral Santa Marcelina – Itaim Paulista