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Dr. Peter Nogueira

Dr. Peter Nogueira

Dr. Peter Nogueira

CRM-PR: 27971 RQE-26121


Specialty: Plastic Surgeon


Procedures: Silicone prosthesis, reduction mammaplasty, augmentation mammoplasty, male gynecomastia, breast lift, mastopexy, Bichectomy, Rhinoplasty, Blepharoplasty, FaceLift and Otoplasty

Professional qualifications

Professional Qualifications

The Doctor. Manoel Peter Bezerra Nogueira CRM 27971 graduated in medicine from the State University of Maringá (PR) and has a postgraduate degree in plastic surgery from the Federal University of Sergipe. He is currently a member of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery and has a private practice in the city of Maringá, where he performs his medical and clinical care.

Recognized in the region for his quality of care and the humane side in conducting treatments with his patients, Dr. Peter is constantly improving and investing in bringing up-to-date techniques and procedures to his practice. Top-of-the-line equipment and a technical support team add to and complete its structure.

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