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Mastopexy or Breast Lifting?

What is Mastopexy or Breast Lifting?

Breast lifting surgery, also known as Mastopexy, is one of the most common plastic surgeries performed on women. This happens because main goal of the procedure is to reshape the breasts, resulting in a firm and beautiful appearance again. This surgery is also called Breast Lifting and tends to increase women’s self-esteem, since sagging and droopy breasts cause feelings of insecurity when wearing swimsuits and low-cut clothes. Over time, a woman’s body undergoes several changes and puberty causes the breasts to change in size until adulthood. With factors such as the use of hormones, pregnancy, and breastfeeding, the breasts tend to grow and shrink in size, resulting in sagging and flabbiness of the skin. 


Who is a good candidate for mastopexy?

Mastopexy is indicated for women who feel unhappy with excess sagging and droopy breasts, even when the breasts have the ideal size. Therefore, patients may opt for the procedure in order to have a more rigid and raised appearance of the breasts.

What are the expected results of a mastopexy surgery?

The patient should expect breasts with a younger and raised appearance, harmonious and symmetric in relation to each other, as well as the reduction of discomforts such as excess weight, in some instances, and lower insecurity concerning appearance.

How is the breast lifting or mastopexy aesthetic surgery performed?

The surgical cut is made according to the amount of skin removed. The cut can be made around the nipples, following a vertical line towards the base of the breast or even forming an inverted “T”.

The doctor specializing in breast lifting surgery removes excess skin and then pulls the breasts to the ideal position for symmetry between the breasts. Considering the results expected by the patient, the procedure may be performed with or without a prosthesis, and it will depend on the patient’s desire to enlarge her breasts.

Discover the step-by-step of facelift surgery:

  1. Anamnesis: An appointment with the healthcare professional is scheduled to assess and propose the ideal treatment.
  2. Clinical tests: The doctor will ask for blood tests and an electrocardiogram, which are required before the surgery.
  3. Hospitalization and surgery: The surgery usually lasts 2 hours. The patient tends to stay up to 12 hours in the hospital.
  4. Post-surgery: In the first 24 hours after the surgery, it is recommended that the patient lie down with the torso elevated at a 30-degree angle or be seated. In the first 30 days, a post-surgical bra must be worn 24 hours a day and removed only at bath time. After that, the recommendation is that the patient keep wearing the post-surgical bra for another 30 days just to sleep. These guidelines are extremely important, as the purpose of the surgical bra is to reduce swelling, provide support and shape the breasts.
  5. Final recommendations:

– Do not lie on your stomach or on your side. Using pillows to elevate the torso can make the position more comfortable;

– Avoid exposing the operated area to the sun for at least three months;

– Avoid wide movements of the arms and do not lift them above the shoulders in the first two weeks, because, when the arms are moved, the breast muscles also move;

– Do not lift or carry weight;

– Perform massage and lymphatic drainage as directed by your doctor;

– Maintain a balanced diet, rich in fruits, vegetables, and white meat. And avoid sweets, fried foods, soft drinks, and alcoholic beverages;

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