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What is Mentoplasty

Chin surgery, also known as mentoplasty, is a procedure to increase or decrease size of the chin, which can be accomplished without a prosthesis. The result for the patient is the harmonization of the whole face, making the region formed by the neck, jaw and the lower third of the face more harmonious.

Medical Travel Brazil has partnered with some of the best surgeons who, in addition to being experts and researchers in the area, are nationally and internationally renowned for the quality and exclusivity of the care provided and precision in surgical results.  Here we explain the real benefits of the procedure and how we can improve your quality of life with a highly safe and warmly supported medical trip by our team of Concierges, Doctors and Nurses.

Who is a good candidate for mentoplasty or chin augmentation surgery?

The mentoplasty surgical procedure is indicated for people who have the chin too far back, out of symmetry with the other two thirds of the face. Patients seek facial harmonization to have the chin region moved forward.

What is the difference between mentoplasty surgery with and without a prosthesis?

People who want undergo a chin enhancement procedure have the choice of performing a traditional procedure, using a prosthesis for chin augmentation, or they may opt for a procedure without a prosthesis, which seeks to pull the chin forward. In the option without a prosthesis the patient may choose a current procedure whose results last longer, since the prosthesis may be displaced due to bone wear. 

How is the chin augmentation surgery performed?

The surgeon makes a small incision inside the mouth, in the mucosa region, which is the deepest part between the lip and the chin. Then, the mentoplasty specialist starts moving the skin from the bone, pulling the entire chin forward.

Discover the step-by-step of mentoplasty surgery:

  • 1. Anamnesis:

    An appointment with the healthcare professional is scheduled to assess and propose the ideal treatment.

  • 2. Clinical tests:

    The doctor will ask for blood tests and an electrocardiogram, which are required before the surgery.

  • 3. Hospitalization and surgery:

    Usually, the mentoplasty surgery takes between one and two hours.

  • 4. Post-surgery:

    Recovery from the procedure is easy. The patient will be discharged with bandages on the regions affected during the procedure. Full recovery times vary from patient to patient. Mouth hygiene is one of the medical recommendations, as the patient leaves with a scar in the mouth. The patient must avoid any impact or stress in the area.

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