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Zygomatic Implant

What is a zygomatic implant?

The zygomatic implant surgery, also known as Dental Implant, is a technique for treating patients with severe cases of bone resorption and imminent loss of teeth. Regarded as one of the most advanced and innovative procedures, a single surgery brings back the ability to chew, self-esteem, a smile of happiness and freedom to the patient.

Medical Travel Brazil has partnered with some of the best dental surgeons who, in addition to being experts and researchers in the area, are nationally and internationally renowned for the quality and exclusivity of the care provided and precision in surgical results.  Here we explain the real benefits of the procedure and how we can improve your quality of life with a highly safe and warmly supported medical trip by our team of Concierges, Doctors and Nurses.


Who is the ideal candidate for a zygomatic implant?

We recommend the zygomatic implant treatment for patients who have lost the maxillary bone structure due to the total loss of the teeth, which causes the bone and the gums to dry up, leaving a thinned face and characterizing what dentists call bone resorption.

The main problem with this condition is that the dentures may sit irregularly in the mouth, making it difficult to swallow food and, consequently, causing discomfort.

What is the difference between a zygomatic implant and a traditional dental implant?

Shorter treatment times and a faster recovery are the main factors that make the zygomatic implant more effective and less invasive than other dental implant techniques. In conventional dental implant procedures, the patient receives a bone graft in the mandible; the dental implant is installed in a subsequent surgery. Then, over the course of a few months, the new teeth are set. This process may take up to one year. With the zygomatic technique, the patient is hospitalized and, after 48 hours, the entire process is completed.

How is the implant placed with the zygomatic technique?

In a zygomatic implant procedure, the dental installation is directly connected to the region known as the cheekbone. As such, bone grafts are not necessary. This surgery can be performed safely in a hospital in the morning, which allows the patient to be sent to the bedroom by late afternoon. The day after the procedure, the patient is discharged from the hospital and can already taste food better and smile for life.

Discover the step-by-step procedure of dental implant surgery with the zygomatic technique:

  • 1. Anamnesis:

    An appointment with the healthcare professional is scheduled to assess and propose the ideal treatment.

  • 2. Diagnosis:

    Imaging exams (CT scans) determine the sizes and positions where the implants will be placed.

  • 3. Wax-up (mockup):

    Photos and models are used to plan the optimal tooth configuration, making the outcome predictable.

  • 4. Implants:

    Teeth extraction (if necessary), jaw bone correction and implant setting.

  • 5. Teeth testing:

    Fixing the teeth in wax and making adjustments, if necessary. The patient can see how the result will be before the treatment is finished.

  • 6. Teeth insertion:

    The day after the patient’s approval, the teeth – made with imported materials – are inserted.

  • 7. Post-surgery:

    Monitoring through periodic appointments with occlusal adjustments until medical discharge. 1st month – Follow up through weekly appointments. 2nd month – Follow-up through biweekly appointments. 3rd month – Monthly monitoring until the sixth month. 6th month – The definitive prosthesis is placed. One year – Successive biannual maintenance.

We take care of every detail in your medical trip

The first step is choosing the ideal procedure. Select a physician and schedule an initial appointment so we can get to know you better and assess your health. We will be ready to accompany and guide you on the following steps.

Rest assured: we will define all the details of your journey together, from your arrival in Brazil to your trip back home. During this follow-up, we will have the chance to choose the appropriate hotel or SPA, according to the procedure chosen. At Medical Travel Brazil, everything is planned to meet your needs.

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