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Arm Dermolipectomy

What is Arm Dermolipectomy

Arm dermolipectomy surgery, also called bracheoplasty, is performed by professionals trained to treat excessive localized fat and drastically reduce sagging skin in the arms, having the triceps area, known as the “bye-bye muscle”, as the main target. Depending on the severity of the flabbiness, the incision is made in the armpit and on the medial or inner surface of the arms in a T or L shape, with little or no chance of leaving visible scars, as the procedure hides the surgical stitches in the underarm creases, making them unnoticeable.

Who is a good candidate for arm dermolipectomy?

This surgery is usually indicated for patients with excessive fat and skin on the arms, common in people who have lost a significant amount of weight or who have a genetic disposition to flaccidity. However, it can also be performed on people who just want to reshape their arms, which results in smoother skin and more proportional contours of the arms and upper limbs.


What are the expected results of an Arm Dermolipectomy?

This procedure results in firmer, well-shaped and younger arms that are proportional to the patient’s desired body image. The surgery aims to improve the appearance of the arms and reduce problems such as rashes or aesthetic discomfort. For best results, the doctor should prescribe instructions so that the patient does not experience complications during surgery and recovery. The definitive result of Brachioplasty is achieved six months after the surgery. This is necessary for tissue accommodation and scar maturation.

How is an arm dermolipectomy surgery accomplished?

Brachial dermolipectomy can be performed with an axillary incision when flabbiness is mild or moderate. In cases of severe flaccidity, surgery should be performed with an extended longitudinal scar that goes down to the elbow. When there is fat in addition to distended skin, liposuction is also performed before skin removal so that the patients may meet their goals and expectations more effectively.

Discover the step-by-step procedure of Arm Dermolipectomy surgery:

  1. Anamnesis: The patient must consult with their physician as many times as necessary so that there are no doubts about the surgery and its results.
  2. Clinical tests: Some exams will be required before the surgery is scheduled.
  3. Anesthesia: According to the surgeon’s preferences, the anesthesiologist’s assessment and the patient’s characteristics, anesthesia can either be local with sedation or general.
  4. Interaction: Considering factors such as the type of anesthesia and the patient’s recovery, post-surgical hospitalization may last between 12h and 24h.
  5. Post-surgery: It is easy to recover from the procedure, but the patient must take into account certain precautions that will contribute to the speed of the process, such as avoiding excessive movements for 30 days — especially lifting the arms, since the scar found in the armpit will be forced in such cases. Therefore, if less traction is exerted, the scar will not be widened as a result.

Possible complications include bruising, seroma, infection, necrosis (skin injury), dehiscence (opening of the suture), keloids, thrombosis and embolism.

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