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Intimate Surgery

What is Intimate Surgery

Many women suffer from vaginal discomfort caused by the hypertrophy of the labia minora. They have an increased size, making the woman uncomfortable due to excess skin. In this case, the procedure that corrects this condition is known as Nymphoplasty/Labioplasty, or Intimate Surgery.

Medical Travel Brazil has partnered with some of the best surgeons who, in addition to being experts and researchers in the area, are nationally and internationally renowned for the quality and exclusivity of the care provided and precision in surgical results.  Here we explain the real benefits of the procedure and how we can improve your quality of life with a highly safe and warmly supported medical trip by our team of Concierges, Doctors and Nurses.

What are the benefits of the intimate surgery?

The benefits of the intimate surgery are noticeable after three weeks, after the swelling has been reduced, allowing the patient to wear underwear with more peace of mind, without friction and/or discomfort while moving.

The woman will experience improvements in vaginal sensations during sex and feel more comfortable with the reduced appearance of the vaginal lips. 

Who is a good candidate for the intimate surgery?

This procedure is indicated for women who suffer from conditions such as a dropped bladder or patients who want more visually pleasing aesthetics in the genital area, which often involves reducing the size of the labia minora.

What are the expected results of the intimate surgery?

After the intimate surgery, the patient should expect an improvement in the anatomy of the labia minora and reduction in the flabbiness of the vaginal region. In non-aesthetic cases, which include health problems, improvements in symptoms are also expected along with higher self-esteem, which occurs in patients with aesthetic concerns and also in women focused on health and well-being.

How is the intimate surgery performed?

Usually, the gynecologist surgeon makes an incision in the area to be operated on and removes the skin excess. Next, the edges of the area where the procedure was performed is sutured so that the possibility of leaving visible scars is minimized or nearly invisible.

The procedure is quick and lasts from 40 minutes to one hour.  

Types of intimate surgeries:

Intimate surgery is a broad term that encompasses several ramifications for specific vaginal procedures. Some of the intimate surgeries are: perineoplasty, a procedure that seeks to rebuild the muscles of the perineum; vaginoplasty, which corrects muscle flaccidity of the vagina; labioplasty or nymphoplasty, which aims to reduce the size of large vaginal lips; liposuction on the Mount of Venus (above the vulva), which seeks to reduce excess fat in the pubis, among others.

Discover the step-by-step of the intimate surgery:

  • 1. Anamnesis:

    An appointment with the healthcare professional is scheduled to assess and propose the ideal treatment.

  • 2. Clinical tests:

    The doctor will ask for blood tests and an electrocardiogram, which are required before the surgery.

  • 3. Hospitalization and surgery:

    3. Hospitalization and surgery: The patient is admitted to the hospital and directed to the operating room. She will receive local anesthesia and sleeping pills prescribed by an anesthesiologist, who is part of the surgeon's team. The patient can be discharged from the hospital six hours after surgery.

  • 4. Post-surgery:

    4. Post-surgery: Recovery from the procedure is easy. However, as the region of the vagina is very vascularized, the patient may experience some bleeding. In this case, the doctor will indicate the use of absorbent pads for containment during the first week after an intimate surgery. The region will be swollen and full healing takes place after three weeks. After that, the patient is free to engage in sexual intercourse.

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