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What is Cervicoplasty

Neck surgery, also known as Cervical Lifting or Cervicoplasty, is an aesthetic procedure that eliminates sagging skin after fat is removed from the neck area, which is caused by excess or loss of weight and excess skin due to aging.

Medical Travel Brazil has partnered with some of the best surgeons who, in addition to being experts and researchers in the area, are nationally and internationally renowned for the quality and exclusivity of the care provided and precision in surgical results.  Here we explain the real benefits of the procedure and how we can improve your quality of life with a highly safe and warmly supported medical trip by our team of Concierges, Doctors and Nurses.

Who is a good candidate for cervicoplasty?

People over 50 years old who have natural skin aging, whose main complaint is excess skin in the neck area. There are also patients who seek this aesthetic procedure after an extremely significant loss of weight. In other cases, overweight or obese people seek cervical lifting to remove fat from the neck.

What are the expected results?

For those looking to rejuvenate the neck area, whether due to localized fat, puffiness under the chin or excess skin, this is definitely the right surgery, since it is a simple procedure with easy recovery. The results of the cervical lifting surgery are achieved by repositioning and treating both deep and superficial structures of the neck, leading to a smoother and more elongated appearance and significantly improving local flaccidity.

How is the cervical lifting aesthetic surgery performed?

Neck surgery is done through incisions close to the ears, on the front and the back. As such, the doctor who specializes in Cervical Lifting will have access to the musculature and fat under the skin in the neck area, allowing him to lift, pull and reposition these structures as needed.

If necessary, an incision will be made under the chin for better access to the double chin region.

Discover the step-by-step of the breast reduction surgery:

  • 1. Anamnesis:

    An appointment with the healthcare professional is scheduled to assess and propose the ideal treatment.

  • 2. Clinical tests:

    The doctor will ask for blood tests and an electrocardiogram, which are required before the surgery.

  • 3. Hospitalization and surgery:

    Cervicoplasty is performed with local anesthesia after sedation. In some cases, the specialist doctor will recommend general anesthesia. The surgery takes between 60 and 90 minutes to be performed. The patient is hospitalized and leaves the hospital on the same day, about six hours after the procedure is finished.

  • 4. Post-surgery:

    The recovery is very smooth, the patient will see improvement immediately, but the more solid results of a younger and more rigid appearance will be within six months after surgery.

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We have some of the best surgeons in Brazil to provide our clients with the safety of performing their long-awaited surgery with renowned professionals, chosen by the patients themselves.

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Rest assured: we will define all the details of your journey together, from your arrival in Brazil to your trip back home. During this follow-up, we will have the chance to choose the appropriate hotel or SPA, according to the procedure chosen. At Medical Travel Brazil, everything is planned to meet your needs.

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