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What is Rhinoplasty?

The nose is fundamental in composing the beauty and balance of the face.

Since it is located in the center of the face, it is the target of much attention and its alterations can have an impact on self-esteem.

Rhinoplasty aims to achieve facial harmony, treating the aesthetic and functional alterations of the nose. 

Nasal alterations can be of genetic or post-traumatic origin. 


Anatomy of the nose

The skin of the nose is supported internally by bony and cartilaginous structures.

In the upper part, we have the nasal bone. In the middle part, the septal cartilage with its lateral expansion.

In the lower part, the alar cartilages are located. In rhinoplasty, the bone and cartilaginous structures are remodeled by means of reductions, changes in shape, or increases in their structures. With this, we can correct alterations in the back, the tip, and the width of the nose. 

Besides the aesthetic issue, the surgery can also correct respiratory alterations. Each case is studied thoroughly, taking into consideration, the racial and functional characteristics of each person.

Pre-surgical recommendations

Schedule your daily and social life in the days following the surgery,with special attention to the necessary cares.

It is important that you are in good health to undergo the surgery. During the medical appointment, a complete physical evaluation is done, and laboratory exams are requested.

Some recommendations must be followed before the surgery.

Inform your doctor about the medications you normally take, because some of them must be suspended, as is the case with anti-coagulants. In the days before the surgery, it is advisable to stop drinking alcoholic beverages and smoking. Tell the doctor in case of flu and indisposition before the surgery. 8 hours of absolute fasting from solid foods and liquids before the surgery    

The surgery time, interaction time and the type of anesthesia will be informed by your doctor. The return to normal activities and work takes a few days.  Other specific recommendations regarding dressing care, healing, sun exposure, and sports activities will be given by your doctor. Patience and care are fundamental in the post-operative period. Over a few months, you will be able to see a more natural and definitive result.

Complications are rare, due to the preparation done preoperatively, and the care offered during and after the surgery. 

Plastic surgery is one of the ways to gain more self-confidence and improve your quality of life.

Talk about your expectations with your doctor and see what can really be done in your case, because perfection doesn’t exist, but the results are worth it. 

Together you can discuss the existing surgical techniques and the most suitable one for you , because the anatomy of each person must always be taken into consideration. 

There is no plastic surgery without scars. Each person has a different healing process that does not depend on the doctor, but on the organism.

You must seek the best result within your reality, without expecting to look like someone famous or someone you admire.

Surgical technique

 In rhinoplasty, the surgical technique used can be open or closed. In the open technique, a small incision is made that is hidden below the nasal tip. In the closed technique, the incision is made only on the inside of the nose. In both techniques, the nasal wing can be treated, depending on each patient’s needs.

The incision is made on the sides of the nose, and the scars are hidden in the nasal sulcus. 

In some cases it may be necessary to use tampons in the nose, which are removed in a short time.    

The scars heal and become imperceptible as time goes by. 

Rhinoplasty improves nasal aesthetics, harmonizing the face and also improving respiratory function.

Post-surgical recommendations

The bandage must be kept on for the time determined by your doctor. In the first days, it is common to feel a certain difficulty to breathe due to the swelling. The use of nasal solutions can be recommended for cleaning and unblocking the nose; it is important to protect the nose during sleep and also from eventual domestic traumas.

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