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Macrotia e Otoplastia

The most common deformity of the ears is called protruding ears.

In this case, the lateral edge of the ear is too far from the head,making the ear  more noticeable on the face.

This alteration has a genetic origin and can cause embarrassment and emotional distress, especially in children, who become the target of jokes and nicknames.

The ear is made up of cartilage internally, and this cartilage has a very particular relief. The elevated lateral edge is called helix, then we have the scapha, continuing with another elevation called anti helix. 

In contact with the head we have the concha, the lower part is a lobule, usually the malformation of the antihelix associated or not with the increase of the concha can lead to prominent ears.

Otoplasty is a surgery that leads to the aesthetic correction of the ears, giving them a more natural and harmonious aspect.

The age for performing otoplasty is pre-school, when the ear is already formed and has almost the same size as an adult.

Schedule your daily and social life in the days following the surgery , taking the necessary precautions.

It is important that you are in good health to have the surgery. During the medical appointment ,a complete physical evaluation is performed and laboratory tests are requested.

Some recommendations must be followed before the surgery. 

Inform the doctor about the medications you normally take because some of them must be suspended, as is the case with anticoagulants.

Tell your doctor in case of flu and indisposition before the surgery. 8 hours before the surgery, do not eat or drink anything at all.

The surgery time, hospitalization and the type of anesthesia will be informed by your doctor. The return to normal activities takes a few days.

Other specific recommendations regarding dressing care, healing, sun exposure, and sports activities will be given by your doctor.

Patience and care are fundamental in the post-operative period. Within some months you will be able to see a more natural and definitive result, complications are rare due to the preparation done in the pre-operative period and the care offered during the surgery.


Plastic surgery is one of the ways to gain more self-confidence and improve your quality of life.


Talk about your expectations with your doctor and see what can really be done in your case.

Together you can discuss the existing surgical technique and the most suitable one for your case, because the anatomy of each person must always be respected.

There is no plastic surgery without scars, each person has a different healing process, which does not depend on the doctor but on the body.

You must seek the best result within your reality. 


Surgical Technique


An incision is made behind the ear, removing the excess of malformed cartilage, giving it a new shape; the scar is imperceptible, hidden behind the ear.

Otoplasty provides natural results and can be performed at preschool age, avoiding psychological trauma.

Postoperative Recommendations

After the surgery the patient remains with the modeling bandage, which is removed in the following days. The ears should be protected from trauma and certain positions should be avoided during sleep.

The use of a band is recommended for a few days, to protect and maintain the ear in its new position.


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