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Famous who have had weight loss surgery

Weight loss surgery, or bariatric surgery, is an ideal procedure for people who are obese and cannot lose weight naturally, that is, with the help of diet and exercise. In the case of famous people, the media’s demand to expose their personal life to the public, with details of their love life, physical, and mental, ends up making this “invasion of privacy” generate a great deal of stress, causing a very high personal demand, especially to be within the standards required by people.

At this time, the celebrity who is very overweight prefers to go for a faster method of weight loss, which is the bariatric surgery, that results in the reduction of the capacity of food insertion into the stomach and consequently, increase the weight reduction process.
With this, you must be wondering, who are the famous people who have had weight loss surgery?
Before we present the list that Medical Travel Brazil has set aside  for you, get to know some of the most used techniques by medical specialists:

Gastric Bypass surgery

Bariatric surgery using the Gastric Bypass technique helps people treat obesity and metabolism problems. Roux-en-Y bypass (Capella) is a method that aims to build a new gastric pouch (stomach with about 50ML) and anastomosing (sewing) it above the intestine. The parts of the organs such as the stomach and the intestine that remain in the same place, what happens is that the path of the food and digestive enzymes are no longer passed through the parts where the deviation occurs. With this, the patient starts to eat less food, because the storage capacity is smaller, increasing the level of hormones that generate satiety, reducing hunger.

Gastric Sleeve surgey

Considered one of the most satisfactory weight loss procedures, the Gastric Sleeve is a method that has as its objective the construction of a new stomach, which in turn has its format reduced, practically in the shape of a thin tube.
The stomach has its size reduced, in which an average of 75% of its structure is removed and the rest ends up being stapled. 

Gastric band

The bariatric surgery that uses the gastric band as a technique is a procedure capable of reducing the size of the stomach by using a tape that presses on the stomach. With this, the post-surgery patient can lose about 40% of the weight.
In this news, we will bring you the famous people who underwent weight loss surgery and had a drastic transformation in their bodies

1. Mariah Carey - Gastric Sleeve surgery

Considered one of the greatest pop singers in the world, Mariah Carey had weight loss surgery after going through a period of gaining weight and losing weight, the famous accordion effect. The actress and songwriter also decided to undergo bariatric surgery after suffering many criticisms from the media and fans.

2. Fern Britton - Gastric band

Writer and TV presenter

3. Randy Jackson - Gastric Bypass surgery

The musician Randy Jackson is one of the brothers of Michael Jackson, he also entered this list of celebrities who had surgery to lose weight.

4. Sharon Osbourne - Gastric band

Married to the famous Ozzy Osborne, Sharon is a British music producer and presenter.

5. Kelly Osbourne - Gastric Sleeve surgery

Following her father and mother’s footsteps, Kelly is a singer, presenter, and also a fashion designer.
Mariah Carey weight loss surgery
Fern Britton - Gastric band
Randy Jackson - Gastric Bypass surgery
Sharon Osbourne - Gastric band
Kelly Osbourne - Gastric Sleeve surgery
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