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face lifting

Face lifting

Facelift or rhytidoplasty is an effective surgery for rejuvenating the face.

The technique proposes the repositioning of facial volumes and the removal of skin flaccidity, attenuating wrinkles and creases.

It is recommended for people of advanced age and great facial aging.

Genetics, smoking, excessive sun exposure, and poor diet are some of the factors that accelerate aging.

With age, the skin loses part of its collagen and elastic fibers, becoming flaccid, wrinkled, without shine and softness.

The deep tissues also suffer with aging and the action of gravity promotes the fall of facial fat and changes the face’s format.

In youth, the malar region is voluminous and illuminated. The lower eye region is well filled and the mandibular contour defined.


Thus, the face has a triangle shape with downward apexes. On the aging face, it is possible to notice a drop in the facial tissues, with the displacement of the malar fat, the inferior region of the eyes loses volume, the nasolabial furrow is formed, known as the Chinese mustache.

The jaw region loses its definition and the neck becomes flaccid.

Pre-surgical recommendations

Schedule your daily social life after the surgery taking the necessary precautions. It is important that you are in good health to have the surgery.

During the doctor’s appointment , a complete physical evaluation is done and laboratory exams are requested.

Inform your doctor about the medications you normally take, because some of them must be suspended, as is the case with anticoagulants.

Few days before the surgery, it is advisable to stop drinking alcoholic beverages and smoking.

Tell the doctor in case of flu and indisposition before the surgery.

8 hours of absolute fasting before the surgery is required.

The surgery time, hospitalization and the type of anesthesia will be informed by your doctor. The patient can return to normal activities and work in a few days. Other specific recommendations regarding dressing care, healing, sun exposure, and sports activities will be given by your doctor according to your case.

Patience and care are fundamental in the postoperative period. Over a few months. You will be able to see the most natural and definitive result. Complications are rare, due to the preparation done in the pre-operative period and the care offered during and after the surgery.

Plastic surgery is one of the ways to gain more self-confidence and improve your quality of life.

Talk about your expectations with your doctor and see what can really be done in your case. Together you can discuss the existing surgical techniques and the most suitable ones for your case, because each person’s anatomy must always be respected.

There is no plastic surgery without scars. Each person has a different healing process that does not depend on the doctor, but on the organism. You must seek a better result within your reality, without expecting to look like someone famous or someone you admire.

Surgical technique. 

The face is made up of layers of skin, fat and muscles that extend above the facial bones.

Let’s see now how the facelift surgery works.

It begins with the detachment of the facial and neck skin, then the deep tissues are repositioned and the excess skin removed. In some cases the association of liposuction may be necessary, to remove the excess fat located in the neck.

The use of a drain may be necessary for the removal of liquids that are formed under the skin,making the healing  easier and promoting a faster recovery. 

It is removed in the days following the procedure. The size of the scars varies according to the degree of skin flaccidity. 

In general, it is discrete and hidden inside the hair and around the ears. The scars mature and become less visible as time goes by, and it may take a few months for the final result.

  The facelift does not stop the aging process, but diminishes skin flaccidity of the face and neck, keeping a youthful aspect for many years.


Post-surgical recommendations

It is advisable to rest with head high and use cold compresses to reduce the initial swelling.

Follow your doctor’s instructions for cleaning and dyeing your hair post-surgery.

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