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Adele weigth lost

The English singer Adele has been moving the web since mid-2020 by a supposed bariatric surgery, this started when Adele posted a birthday photo, in which she had lost a lot of weight.
Fans and reporters were very happy with the singer’s transformation, much for the fact that she had gone through a painful process of separation, and now she could turn it around and is oozing self-esteem for everyone. However, people want to know the secrets of success, especially when the subject is body change, at this time. several questions arose, they were: Did Adele go through weight loss surgery? Was Adele able to lose weight only by dieting? What is Adele‘s diet? Did Adele change her body with physical activity?

Understand the case: how Adele lost so much weight

In 2019, Adele went through a divorce, after being  married for three years, to Simon Konecki. At that time, the English singer suffered a lot, however as in the hit song from the beginning of her career, the English singer began to see the crisis by saying “hello from the other side” and transformed her life, appearing in the media with a radical change in her body, losing approximately 100 lbs drastically, a fact that further increased the rumors that a weight loss surgery had been done.

What is Bariatric Surgery or weight loss surgery?

The most recommended treatment for people who are obese and cannot lose weight with diet and exercise is bariatric surgery, which makes the patient to lose 60-70% of excess body weight after the procedure.
Weight loss surgery is a procedure that can be performed by various techniques, but in general bariatric surgery consists of altering the digestive system with the general focus on inhibiting or decreasing the space that food occupies in the stomach, as a result the post-surgery patient consumes fewer calories, making the weight loss happen efficiently.

Adele's revelation about how she lost so much weight

In the year 2020 alone, Adele lost 45 kg and as an appearance on social media after 5 months of not appearing, the singer revealed the secret of her success. 
The self-help book Untamed, Stop Pleasing, Start Living, written by Glennon Doyle, was the precursor for her to recover her identity with her body, which made her change her eating and exercise routine and condition her psychological part to be individually stronger.
As a result, Adele became a symbol for many women, that is, besides her songs, she captivated millions of people to look at themselves, starting a process of appreciation from the inside out.
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However, Dr. Weliton gives a very important warning for people who have been obese for many years, causing the body to receive and carry this excessive load, a fact that potentializes the decrease in life span due to the appearance of fatal diseases.
Along with the multidisciplinary team Medical Travel Brazil, composed of physicians, psychologists, nutritionists, and nurses, Dr. Reinforces that contact with the right professionals, makes the patient find the best way to lose weight and change in lifestyle, and if this can not be done as in the case of Adele, a direction for bariatric surgery can be recommended , which will make the patient achieve the goal .
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