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What is Blepharoplasty?

Our look, in addition to expressing several feelings, is one of the most striking features of our countenance. 

With the passing of time and external factors such as excessive sun exposure, the eyelid skin ages and loses its elasticity, becoming flaccid with wrinkles and fat bags.

Besides the aesthetic issue, the drooping eyelids can interfere in the visual field, and blepharoplasty is recommended to correct the flaccidity of the upper and lower eyelids by removing the excess skin and fat bags.

Facts that you shold know before Blepharoplasty surgery

1- Schedule your daily social life in the days following the surgery with utmost care.

2- It is important that you are in good health to have the surgery.

3- During the medical appointment, a complete physical evaluation is done and laboratory exams are requested.

4- Some recommendations must be followed before the surgery. 

5- Inform your doctor about the medications you normally take because some must be suspended, as is the case with anticoagulants.

6- In the days preceding the surgery, it is advisable to stop the consumption of alcoholic beverages and smoking. 

7- Tell the doctor in case of flu and indisposition before the surgery.

8- 8 hours of absolute fasting from solid foods and liquids is required before the surgery.

The time of the surgery and the type of anesthesia will be informed by your doctor. The return to normal activities and work take a few days.

Further recommendations regarding dressing care, healing, sun exposure and sports

activities will be given by your doctor according to your case.

Patience and care are fundamental in the postoperative period.

Over a few months, you will be able to see the most natural and definitive result.

Complications are rare due to the preoperative preparation and the care offered during and after the surgery.

Plastic surgery is one of the ways to gain more self-confidence and improve your quality of life.

Talk about your expectations with your doctor and see what can really be done in your case, because perfection does not exist, but the results are worth it.

Together you can discuss the existing surgical techniques and the most suitable ones for your case, because the anatomy of each person must always be respected.

There is no plastic surgery without scars.

Each person has a different healing process that does not depend on the doctor, but on the organism.

You must seek a better result within your reality.

The expectation of looking like someone famous or someone you admire. 

The eyelids are formed by a thin layer of skin and the orbicular muscle of the eyes orbicular muscle.

Internally are located fat bags that protrude and become apparent with the eyelids and become apparent with age.

Blepharoplasty treats the fat bags by removing the excess of flaccid tissues in the upper eyelids and the scar is hidden in the eyelid folds.

In the lower eyelids, on the other hand, the scar is disguised close to the eyelashes.

In cases where there is no flaccidity, only fat bags, there are no external scars.

Initially, the scars are slightly reddish and over time become imperceptible. 

Pre-surgical recommendations

In the first days it is recommended to rest the eyes without forcing them to read or watch TV. Cold compresses over the eye region are recommended to reduce swelling. 

The use of sunglasses is important to protect the operated area from the sun’s rays. The use of eye drops may be prescribed for the patient’s comfort.

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