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A straight, flat abdomen, without flaccidity, is the desire of many men and women. But after all, what causes abdominal flabbiness?
The loss of natural skin elasticity in the abdominal region can be caused by excessive weight gain and loss, or by multiple pregnancies. The fact is that the abdominal flabbiness that bothers us so much can be treated. The aim of abdominoplasty is not to lose weight, but to give shape to the abdomen that has suffered alterations and has lost its natural contour.


Patients who wish to become pregnant must wait to undergo the procedure, or they will have the results compromised due to pregnancy, which will again loosen the skin and muscles.   

Abdominoplasty is not recommended to eliminate stretch marks. The removal of stretch marks below the navel happens naturally when they are next to the excess skin to be removed, being a consequence and not an indication for the surgery. 

The abdomen surgery helps to achieve a firmer and more beautiful body. Its results last if followed with an adequate diet and physical exercises.

Pre-surgery recommendations

Schedule your daily and social life in the days following the surgery, respecting the necessary cares. It is important that you are in good health conditions to have the surgery. 

During the medical appointment, a complete physical evaluation is done, and laboratory tests are requested. Some recommendations must be followed before the surgery.  Inform your doctor about the medications you normally take,, because some of them must be suspended, as is the case with anti-coagulants. In the days before the surgery, it is advisable to stop drinking alcoholic beverages and smoking. inform your doctor in case of flu and indisposition before the surgery.  

8 hours of, absolute fasting. No solid foods and liquids.

The surgery time, hospitalization and the type of anesthesia will be informed by your doctor.

The return to normal activities and work will happen in a few days. Other specific recommendations, related to dressing care, healing, sun exposure, and sports activities, will be given by your doctor, according to your case. Patience and care are fundamental in the post-operative period. After a few months, you will be able to see a more natural and definitive result. Complications are rare, due to the preparation done in the pre-operative period, and the care offered during and after the surgery. 

Plastic Surgery is one of the ways to gain more self-confidence and improve your quality of life.   

Talk about your expectations with your doctor and see what can really be done in your case, because perfection doesn’t exist, but the results are worth it. Together you can discuss the existing surgical techniques and the most suitable for your case, because the anatomy of each person must always be respected. There is no plastic surgery without scars. 

Each person has a different healing process that does not depend on the doctor, but on the organism. 

You should seek the best result within your reality, without expecting to look like someone famous or that you admire. 

Surgical Technique

The abdominal wall is formed by skin, fat tissue and muscles. Each Abdominoplasty is carefully planned, analyzing the general shape of the body. Let’s see now how the abdominal surgery is performed. 

A horizontal incision is made above the pubic hair. Through this, the surgeon has access to the abdominal muscles, which can be brought closer together if they are distant, making the abdominal wall firmer.

The flaccid tissue that covers the abdominal muscle is pulled down and removed, leaving the abdomen firm and beautiful. The navel is repositioned in its original location through a new hole whose incision is hidden in the umbilical scar itself. The size of the scar will be determined by the degree of flaccidity of the abdomen.  

When the patient has little excess skin, the size of the incision is smaller, very similar to the size of a cesarean section, a technique known as mini abdominoplasty.

In cases where there is great skin flaccidity, the scar is larger. However, it is hidden by the mark on the bathing suits. 

The use of a drain may be necessary for the removal of liquids that are formed under the skin, making healing easier and promoting a faster recovery. It is removed in the days following the surgery, according to each case. 

Liposuction is often associated with abdominoplasty to remove that localized fat, thus providing a better body contour.

The scars mature and become less visible as time goes by, and it may take a few months for the final result.  

Post-surgical recommendations

The use of a modeling girdle is indispensable in the post-surgery period, helping to remodel the new abdomen format, reducing the accumulation of liquids and also accelerating recovery by compressing the operated region.  

In the first days the patient must maintain a curved posture so as not to compromise the stitches. When sleeping, the patient must also maintain a curved position, with the help of pillows under the knees and on the back. Sessions of lymphatic drainage and ultrasound accelerate recovery, promoting the absorption of swelling and improving internal healing.

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