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Benefits of Bariatric Surgery

The main focus of bariatric surgery is to help people lose weight. Bariatric helps obese patients who find it difficult to lose weight through other methods, as the surgery decreases the storage capacity of the stomach and consequently limits food intake to help the patients feel satisfied by eating little.

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A similar study done in the United states led by the Harvard School of Public Health in 2020 estimated that ,obese Americans will be 48.9% of the US population by 2030, if current trends continue. The research published in the New England Journal of Medicine predicts that about a quarter of the population will have severe obesity. Currently, 40% of American adults are obese and 18% have severe obesity. The total number of obese people in the country would increase from 99 million to 164 million, according to the study.

Thus, it is important to understand that living with obesity is a very great risk to health, and it can decrease the longevity of the patient who lives with the disease. This is why bariatric surgery is such a viable and important option. Here on the website of Medical Travel Brazil,we provide a post explaining what Bariatric Surgery is, where we emphasize that even before the patient is recommended for the procedure, he or she must go through a multidisciplined medical team, psychological, nutritional and cardiac evaluations, as well as other specific tests. Thus, when the patient is identified as suitable for surgery, the entire surgical process begins, including transportation, hotel, hospital, and the best medical team to perform the procedure offered by Medical Travel Brazil. In general, bariatrics gives the patient a more socially accepted body, but this procedure goes beyond aesthetics. Thus, we have separated the major benefits of bariatric surgery to show the patient the main benefits for their mental and physical health.

1 - Self-esteem

Many people who are obese end up not being satisfied with their physiques,they avoid going to public places or using public transportation .. They feel embarrassed when they have to share seats with other passengers because of their size and weight or even feel uncomfortable when they have to wear bathing suits in swimming pools and beaches. By performing bariatric surgery, the patient can lose a lot of weight in a few months, regaining mobility and energy to perform physical exercises. Thus, in most cases, the patient resumes his or her social life, regains self-esteem, and the joy of living.

2 - Decrease in the risk of heart diseases

Excess weight and poor diet create an overload on the obese patient’s heart, which lead to the elevation of blood pressure, accumulation of fat in the veins, and other serious types of cardiovascular diseases. On the other hand, when the patient correctly follows the post-surgical bariatric procedure, the results are great, because healthy diet and the new enhanced ability to exercise help reduce the effort that the heart needed to make to support the body.

3 - Healthier and longer life extension

Bariatrics provide the patient with a healthier life. besides enabling physical activities,, along with a well-balanced diet, people who underwent the surgery becomes healthier. This way, the patient is free from several extremely dangerous diseases, which, consequently, generates a longer and better life expectancy. In addition, to fully assist the patient, Medical Travel Brazil’s multidisciplinary team also provides guidance during the post-surgery period, creating a recurring contact to monitor the patient’s progress. Booklets are available, we guide the patient to respect the first month after surgery, especially with liquid diets.

4 - Mobility

One of the complaints from people who seek Medical Travel Brazil to have a bariatric procedure done is the problem of inability or little mobility caused by serious knee pathologies caused by excess weight. In addition, circulation problems and lack of energy are also very recurrent dysfunctions. Hence, bariatric surgery seeks to solve all these problems, in order to give the patient back easy locomotion and the will to exercise.

5 - Sleep quality and obstructive apnea

The reduction in body weight and the achievement of normal weight, ensures that about 80% of patients get rid of sleep apnea, allowing them to stop using the CPAP machine at bedtime. Thus, the patient will sleep more peacefully and free from discomfort and insomnia, because the bariatric surgery, associated with a healthy diet and more regular physical exercises, is able to considerably reduce the recurrent breathing stops during the patient’s sleep.

6 - Improved sex life and fertility

The shame of one’s own body, lack of mobility, impotence, and other factors, harm the sexual life of the patient with obesity. In both men and women, infertility is a very recurrent problem in cases of overweight people. In this sense, after the bariatric surgery the patient is able to improve the tests directed to fertility, besides transforming the sexual life. Since the self-esteem becomes higher, the emotions become more positive and the body’s disposition and mobility help in all the processes.

7 - Decreases the chances of diabetes;

According to the study ( that examined more than 80 patients with diabetes after bariatric surgery using the Bypass technique, 52.6% of the patients had a total recuperation from diabetes and 6.4% had partial recuperation.

After reduction surgery, the stomach cannot digest the food, which in this case is a good thing, because it gets to the intestine relatively intact and faster. This process releases numerous hormones, among them GLP1, which helps regulate appetite and glucose. This hormone acts on the pancreas, which, in turn, starts producing more insulin. 

What more do you need to consider  bariatric surgery?At Medical Travel Brazil,our patients become family, we are a company specialized in medical tourism, which in a simple and professional manner takes care of all the processes for the patient to safely leave their countries and come to have the procedure done with the best doctors and hospitals with International recognitions.

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